Online marketing, your plan to succeed

It does not matter how great your business website looks if nobody finds it, and it does not matter how many people find your business website, if it does not convert visitors into potential  customers. Therefore the approach to online marketing is not a single strategy “magic bullet” but rather  strategies and tactics tailor made to your online business.

Delgatech is also full of inquisitive and innovative people who blog, publish, review and spread information via Social Media. Business owners can benefit significantly from this active and innovative community, if they utilize the appropriate platforms to spread word of their business.

Your business website should do a number of things for your business.

  • First, it should be search engine optimized (SEO), so that it will have a higher ranking in the search engines.
  • Second, it should provide visitors experience. If it is easy for your visitors to read, navigate and locate information.
  • Finally, a website should have a clear call to action.

To be successful, you need to have a great message, frequency and a consistent, sustainable delivery schedule.  With social media, you can target your consumer by geographic location, age, gender, marital and/or financial status.

Special Plan to boost your business online

Social Media Marketing

The internet marketing domain is constantly changing. Social media marketing is no exception

Social Media consists of not only Facebook, Twitter and a bit lesser known Linked In; but incorporates other social platforms.

What Does Delgatech Solutions Offer for Social Media Marketing

  • Set up pages for your company in the SM platforms appropriate to your business.

  • Create, maintain, and monitor your online SM community and  identifying trends, business opportunities utilizing Social Media Marketing specific tools.

Contact us to request a consultation for Social Media Marketing that is based on real results, rather than empty promises and multiple SM profile pages

delgatech social media maketing

Google Places Optimization

Google Places optimization will ensure that the information for your business is displayed properly when found through Google’s search engine. This allows for an increase in a type of exposure that is not only directly connected to the physical location of your store, but also implements website information, phone number, address, hours and customer reviews. This gives your potential customers a wealth of information about the company, giving them more incentive and encouragement to make contact with your company, either through online channels or in person. Additionally, this information immediately verifies your legitimacy to your potential customers.


Search  Engine Optimiser

The ultimate goal of our SEO campaigns is to organically increase positions, which in turn would result in higher traffic; more visibility and higher conversions.

Our experience, resources and tools enable us to design each custom optimization campaign around your business; with long tail keywords, Geo targeting and website structure in mind.

We at Delgatech ensure that your website meets the current Google parameters of what makes a quality website.


We utilize a long range of SEO tactics to optimize client’s content. Contact us to see how we make it work.