A solid and secure solutions that will not fail your business

You don’t have to be a professional to get professional technology support. We offer the same top quality technology service for your home computer systems that we offer our business clients, at your convenience. Our friendly, reliable technology experts make it easy and stress-free. Our team of IT engineers provides world-class networking and Hardware solutions couple with Biometric system ,Surveillance and Alarm system .

We provide a full suite of IT Service,we can assist you with network infrastructure ,hardware and software issues, data backup, anti-virus protection, spyware & malware services and  general maintenance, we install the right software for your needs, and much more.

We design scalable, seamless, secure, wire or wireless access anywhere, either autonomously or centrally controlled to organizations .

Augment your operations with our expertise to see better project results, more efficient systems, and knowledgeable management. We are happy to collaborate with government  and non government agencies

Surveillance and Alarm Systems

Our surveillance and alarm systems is for home and  office  is one of the best deterrents available to prevent burglaries and home invasions. Unfortunately break-ins are on the rise in our community. Joblessness, drug and alcohol addictions, and gang activity all fuel residential break-ins.

The most common reason why a person has an alarm system installed in their
property and families  are protected. It provides piece of mind knowing that your family and home is visual secure. 

The Alarm system protect your home against  fire outbreak and intrusion .If a fire breaks out in your home, the security system will notify the monitoring station.

 Our solutions are advanced, Talk to us about your  project today .

The benefits include:

  • Automated and Visual protection
  • Proactive not Reactive
  • Minimize losses
  • Save Money and Time
  • Been alerted
  • Prevent before it happens

The benefits include:

  • Biometrics and password options for automation of secure systems and process
  • Time attendance software — offers real-time reports on employee absence and presence
  • Better control of data and systems
  • Elimination of malpractice
  • Reduced risk of losing cards or keys
  • Reliable user matching for audit trails
  • Elimination of manual time registers
  • Minimized risk of unauthorized access

Biometric Systems

Our biometric solutions provide a better tracking and digitization conversion Biometric systems is an excellent technology used to replace the use of time clocks and paper records. This technology provides employers with accurate timekeeping information that can be easily integrated into payroll systems. Biometric data offers real-time employee tracking

Delgatech I.T Solutions’s biometric systems provide assurance in validating user identity. Our solutions are advanced, Talk to our for your biometric project