Business Intelligence Services

IT Consulting services are perfect for businesses looking for project based planning and implementation.

We are an IT support company; however, we add value to your business by providing consulting services to identify how our clients can intelligently leverage Information Technology and other financial work tools to minimize cost and effectively meet business goals, thus increasing the company’s bottom line.

Sometimes an Audit of your ICT infrastructure and systems can be an essential business requirement. We’ll help you achieve this in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.Unlike the vast majority of other providers our ICT Auditing service isn’t about creating a new sales opportunity or the preliminary steps to consultancy or project work.

We’re here to help you get the most from your ICT and offer a range of Auditing services that will help you build the right foundations for your future growth and success.

Let us assess your business process and understand what we need to perform for you.

Delgatech business consulting implements its own consulting methodology named “Vision Scoping”. A vision scoping project starts with a vision or a business challenge.

The vision scoping project allocates a number of consulting days with a clear scope and deliverables. During the project, we identify where your business stands today, where it needs to be, and accordingly develop a solid strategy to help your business achieve its goals.

The deliverables of the project are:

Vision Scoping Document with a list of recommendations. For each recommendation, we include a description, implementation plan, business priority and cost estimate.
A PowerPoint presentation summarizing the vision scoping and this is presented to the executive team.